Imagine being sound asleep as someone ransacked your home. That's what happened to a Spokane Valley couple when their home was burglarized by an admitted heroin addict.

While the thief got lucky he ultimately didn't get away with it.

On Wednesday morning, everything seemed normal for Donald and Sibylle. He got out of bed to make coffee.

"I noticed that our coats were on the kitchen floor," Donald said.

Strange, he thought. And then noticed change on the kitchen floor and somehow the dog got in.

"I went out to the garage and the main rollup door was open," Donald said.

Donald then asked his wife, who was still in bed, where her car was.

"I said 'Where is your car?' and she said 'It's in the garage.' I said 'No it's not.'"

That's when he called 911 and by that time it was clear they'd been burglarized.

"And the whole time we were sound asleep in bed," Donald said.

Just 33 hours later, police caught the suspect, a 26-year-old admitted heroin addict who told detectives he remembered looking in on the sleeping couple as he stole their money, their laptops and finally their car.

That car is now being detailed because the police found drug needles inside as well as items that had been purchased.

Donald and Sibylle say it was a split-second mistake: Donald left the outside garage door unlocked and that's all the burglar was looking for.

"He was walking around just checking doors to see if he could find one," Donald said.

Despite being victimized as they slept Donald and Sibylle are okay. They say it could have been a lot worse.

"What can you say? He's a drug addict, he's a known heroin addict," Donald said.

"You can't help but feel sorry for him," Sibylle said.

"You know you can get angry but nobody was hurt why get upset and get angry?" Donald asked.

They have the right attitude: They're unhurt and their burglar is in jail. Plus Sibylle said she's got quite a story to tell.

"Tell you what. It's going to be a birthday that I will never forget," she said.

Sybille said she's going to have a birthday re-do after this experience.