SPOKANE, Wash. -

A South Hill medical call for six people unconscious inside a home revealed one confused man and a drug lab. Fire crews responded to a home near the intersection of 38th Avenue and S. Cook Street Monday at 2:45 p.m.

When they arrived they discovered an older man who appeared confused outside the home. They put on full Hazmat suits, went inside to find the people inside the residence and found a drug lab inside instead.

No one was found inside the home.

Spokane Police arrived on the scene a short time later. Officers report the man who called in to 911 is an elderly man who is suffering from dementia. He was found outside the home and was taken to the hospital.

Officers added there is marijuana and equipment inside the residence to manufacture hash oil.

"So anytime we run across these it's a very big red flag for us," Spokane Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer said.

Firefighters say making hash oil is dangerous. People pump flammable liquids like butane through marijuana to extract the THC. It's then smoked or used to make marijuana-infused edibles.

That process has had devastating effects in Spokane. Last August, a man's car blew up because he was allegedly trying to make the oil. He and a young child were both injured.

In January, witnesses say an apartment exploded on Cozza for the same reason. The damage was extensive and one person was treated for smoke inhalation. Firefighters said at the scene it was amazing no one was killed.

"(This house) is really good example of a suburban home, where I don't think anybody would ever guess...poses so many threats is what this one does to the general public and to firefighters," Schaeffer said.

The HazMat team tested a liquid found in a large metal drum in the home, but it turned out to be water.

It's unknown if any charges will be filed because one person at the scene claimed the home is a site of a legal medical marijuana grow.