The Hart Road fire is burning on both sides of the Spokane River near Davenport. Last estimates had the fire around 16,000 acres with more than 20 homes destroyed.

Many in town are still trying to figure out if  they'll even have a home to go back to when this is all over and it's certainly a stressful wait.

"Relived. Happy that all our houses are still there.'

Relief-there's really no other way to describe the moment you learn your home is still standing after a fast moving wildfire tears though. However, Kayla Williams hasn't always been feeling that relief. In fact, hours before she learned her home was safe, she had received a very different call saying her home had burned to the ground.

"I'm just standing by my house. I'm just building on. I don't even have water yet. So I was scared, I just thought I'd lost everything I'd been building."

For now, Williams and her family are calling this home. They're camped out at the Wellpinit Pow Wow grounds until it's safe to return home.  It is a difficult wait, but Williams says there is some good coming from it.

She also says she's seen members of her reservation step up and help others in need. She took hours to prepare Indian tacos to make sure no one in the community goes hungry.

Williams now hopes that fire is under control soon. Even though her house is safe now, she knows that could change at any moment.