Super Bowl 48 is less than a week away and as the Seahawks get ready for the big game, some die-hard fans are going to extreme lengths to show their Hawks pride!

Some fans are proving they'll do just about anything for their team - even getting a tattoo!

Mike Roseto is one Hawks fan getting a tattoo before the big game.

"They are such a good fighting team you know and this is their year and I'll always have this to remember it," Roseto said.

Joe Riley owns Speakeasy Tattoo in the Spokane Valley Mall. He's cashing in on the Seahawks craze!

"People are just flooding into the shop! We have done at least a dozen or more tattoos in the last week for Seahawks and we are just trying to keep the spirit alive and rally the troops," Riley said.

Riley is even offering a special of 40-50% off Seahawks tattoos! A Seahawk outline starts at $40.

"It's amazing what people will do when they are inspired by something. The inspiration that they find from the Seahawks and the Super Bowl has brought it to a new level and it has become a permanent fixture in their lives. They are pouring in, getting the tattoos done and supporting their team," Riley said.