SPOKANE, Wash. -

When you get home -- or if you're home now -- hopefully you have air conditioning to help beat the heat. If you don't, here are some tips to cool your house down even without air conditioning.

You might have gone to bed last night when it was around 80 degrees inside. With another day in the 90s Tuesday it could be hotter Tuesday evening. Tricia Webster with SNAP has some tips to help keep you and your home cooler.

"Put water in a spray bottle, put it in the fridge and then when you get home from work, you're just hanging out and realize how hot you are, just mist yourself a little bit," Webster said.

"If you do have a way to find curtains that are thicker and heavier, that will help keep that sun and the heat out," she said, adding that you need to close those thick curtains during the day, along with the windows, but open them at night.

Webster also said a cheap, easy way to create a centuries old air conditioner is buy a couple of fans.

"Put a big bowl of ice water in front of the box fan; it kind of has a swamp cooling effect. So that air will cool itself as it runs over that water," she explained.

Also, instead of cooking inside your house and heating it up even more, head outside to cook on the grill or choose something that doesn't have to be cooked at all for dinner.

If you do decide to spring for an air conditioning unit, Chris Drake with Avista said to check the specifics.

"As far as the BTU ratings, that's going to tell you how big of a room it can cool and probably the better way to look, is look for the square footage of the room it's designed to cool," Drake said.

Also don't park your car in an attached garage. When hot it's like a baked potato and can heat up your home.

Finally, if you're still warm before going to bed, take a cold shower to lower your body temperature and drink a glass of ice water, especially if it's still hot outside.