SPOKANE, Wash. -

Two Gonzaga University students have been placed on probation for violating the university's weapons policy after they protected themselves with their gun from a six-time convicted felon.

The incident happened at an apartment located at 207 E. Sinto Ave. near the Gonzaga University campus. Two weeks ago a stranger knocked on the student's apartment door asking for money. The students say the man got aggressive and that's when McIntosh pulled out a pistol scaring the felon away.

The two live at an off-campus apartment that is owned by Gonzaga University. Therefore, guns aren't allowed. The students say they weren't aware of this rule and don't feel like they did anything wrong.

On Sunday they received a letter from the school with their punishment. The letter said they had been placed on probation for the rest of their time at GU. Fagan and McIntosh worry about the sanctions being on their educational record forever. Fagan and McIntosh say they will appeal the decision because they don't feel like they did anything wrong.

Gonzaga University does say the school will re-exam its gun policy. Fagan and McIntosh say they are happy to hear the school is willing to discuss the issue.

"Regardless of the outcome, just the fact that they are willing to have a discussion about it and examine the fact of where we live off campus and the dormitories on campus - there is a safety difference," McIntosh said.

If Fagan or McIntosh violate the school weapon's policy again or another University policy, they could be expelled or suspended. They have 10 days to appeal the decision.