CHENEY, Wash. -

The government shutdown could force some military veterans out of school and onto the streets.

The biggest worry for veterans who are back in school on the G.I Bill is the money they receive for tuition and the payments they use each month for housing.

Eastern Washington University is the campus for nearly 600 vets on the G.I. Bill. These veterans have earned the right to a college degree by serving our country.

"If they don't get the budget issues worked out then I won't have the basic allowance for housing which is $1077 for this area," said EWU student and marine veteran James Duncan.

Duncan has his rent paid until December, but for many veterans rent comes month to month.

"Housing allowance is a big deal. And there's not a lot we at Eastern can do to help that," said Dave Millet, Director of Veteran Services at Eastern Washington University.

Millet says they're writing letters to landlords asking for leniency, a grace period, if the money doesn't show up.

"Actually, my landlord is really cool but not everybody has a cool landlord like I do," said Duncan.

The school is also waving fees for veterans waiting for a tuition check.

"So if we've got students who haven't paid, they'd be placed on a hold status. Well we're going to lift all that so they can go ahead and register," said Millet.

However, right now it's only an assumption that G.I. Bill benefits will be paid retroactively.

"Their Facebook has been stopped. Their blog has stopped, so I have not seen that written anywhere," said Millet.

At Gonzaga University, cadets in the ROTC program have stopped receiving monthly stipends - usually 250-500 dollars a month - used for anything from cell phone bills to gas money. But maybe the biggest concern is the annual ranger challenge.

"We've been able to win it the last 19 out of the last 20 years and I'd hate to have a little asterix on," said LTC David Bingham, Professor of Military Science at Gonzaga University.

Bingham says the shutdown has almost all training on hold and, at least for now, their winning streak as well.

Cadets were supposed to qualify with M-16 rifle this week, but because they can't use federal vehicles that's been put on hold for now. Also, stipends may not be considered military pay so nobody is quite sure if those will be paid retroactively.