SPOKANE, Wash. -

Gamers Arcade Bar is one of downtown Spokane's newest watering holes, where you can get a drink, and, armed with a fistful of quarters, get thrown back in time with some classic arcade games.

Bar manager Jacqueline Whelham makes her living off of Spokane's night life and has served drinks at her fair share of downtown bars.

"It's a different clientele. It's something fun. You get to actually be a kid," she said.

The owners of Gamers Arcade Bar first launched on in Tacoma, and when they saw the idea work in that market decided to bring the concept to the eastern side of the mountains.

The bar has been part of a revitalization of sorts on West Sprague, just east of Washington. The building sat empty for months after Big City Saloon closed it's doors. Now, it's not only home to this unique downtown hotspot, it's next door neighbor is the Spokane Comedy Club, which is also owned by the owners of the bar.

“Comedy has been tried in Spokane but with all of the names that they've got and all that they've put in to it, it's been amazing. It's been something that has far surpassed what anybody in Spokane expected," Whelham said.

Part of the Comedy Club and Gamers Arcade Bar's success is due in part to the kind of business owners she's happy to work for. Adam Norwest is a standup comedian himself and he operates the family business with his wife Bree and his parents.

“Adam and Bree they make sure that if you make a comment on Facebook, they get back to you right away," Whelham said. “They listen to what their customers are asking for."

The only thing Whelham wants is more space as, on most busy nights, the bar reaches capacity, though in her line of work that's a good problem to have.

“Definitely not a bad thing to hear is that people want more of what we're giving them," she said.