Meals on Wheels programs across the country have been hit hard by cuts to federal funding and now the Spokane Valley program is worried they may not be able to get some meals delivered after one of their vehicles broke down, but there’s something you can do to help them out Thursday.

A standard oil change at Clark’s Automotive is pretty reasonable at $24. But owner Chris Clark doesn’t want your money Thursday; instead he wants your cash to go to a program that desperately needs it. This year devastating federal cuts left Meals on Wheels offices struggling to continue serving the elderly in our community.

The Spokane Valley program is doing just that -- barely -- but they’re short two delivery vehicles. Getting those meals out with at least one more van would make a world of difference.

"It's crazy you know, there’s a difficulty getting all the meals to our meal sites, there’s a difficulty delivering the meals to the drop-off points where the volunteers pick them up. It has just made it a nightmare," Pam Almeida with Meals on Wheels said.

So on Thursday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Clark’s Automotive will change your oil and make sure your vehicle is ready for winter in exchange for a donation to Meals on Wheels to help them secure more transportation to help get those meals out to seniors in our community.