Freshmen start moving onto Gonzaga campus

Author: Casey Lund, Good Morning Northwest Reporter,
Published On: Aug 30 2013 03:42:37 PM PDT   Updated On: Aug 30 2013 06:20:20 PM PDT
Gonzaga freshmen
SPOKANE, Wash. -

There's nothing quite like your freshman year at college, figuring things out in all the chaos is challenging and that's just what a group of incoming freshmen did at Gonzaga University Friday.

Gonzaga is welcoming a record 1,240 freshman to campus this year. Whether it is the success of the basketball team or just a beautiful place to spend four years, the campus is booming and Gonzaga's numbers are up.

"It's the first day students are on campus, students are moving in, we have orientation leaders helping out," orientation leader Brandon Blas-Bamba said.

Blas-Bamba helps young freshman get comfortable and he still remembers why he chose to be a Zag.

"[The] big reason I chose Gonzaga was because of the community," he said. "I went to a small rural community, Buckley, Washington, about 45 minutes south of Seattle, I was looking for that small atmosphere and I found it at Gonzaga and I couldn't be happier."

That's why Mitchel Laferriere chose this school. His older brother goes to Gonzaga too, so his family has move in day down.

"It's been real easy, we knew what to expect, get my stuff ready to come up here, you know ship some stuff up, bring some with me and then we did the pack and ship deal with Bed Bath and Beyond so its been real streamlined," Laferriere said.

Aside from moving in and signing up for this and that Friday has also been about making new friends.

"I have met a lot of people everyone is nice and welcoming it has been nice," Morgan Boyd said.

Boyd and her mom Kim have also done this before with Megan's older sister. Kim still has one more at home, and she's proud to see her kids doing so well at Gonzaga.

"I feel like my work is kind of done, I mean I will be fielding a lot of 'I miss you' phone calls. You know I just can't say enough good things about this place," Kim Boyd said.