SPOKANE, Wash. -

If a trademark can be a legacy, you may just recognize Dan Dickau for something other than being a first-team All-American, or draining three pointers.

"I had the haircut, haha," Dickau joked.

After six years in the NBA, then living in his hometown of Vancouver, Washington, Dan Dickau moved back to Spokane last year. He broadcasts the Zag games but now, in a way, he wants to make things right.

"I went and got a haircut probably maybe three times a year back then, I let it grow out and then it just went wherever it went."

So Dan Dickau opened a barber shop.

"I had a bad haircut back then and now I'm trying to clean it up and have a good haircut in Spokane and clean up Spokane's hair at the same time," Dickau said.

Dan Dickau's "The Barbers" is located on Newport Highway at the Y. He put in flatscreen TVs, custom panels, and basketball jerseys to give it a true sports-themed barber shop feel.  His customers say they didn't necessarily come in because they wanted his hairstyle.

"If he's the guy I was thinking of he had quite a mop," Ron Johnson said.

"Big and bushy, haha," Jim Brown laughed as he described Dickau's old hairstyle.

Dickau believes, like him, the Zags are known for their hair especially with Kelly Olynyk's long locks getting national attention this year. But he rates himself among the Bulldogs' bests bangs, braids, or buzz cuts.

"It's got to be a tie between myself and Adam (Morrison) he might get the slight edge because of his mustache, but I should win because I was the first one with the crazy hair."

Either way he's turning that look into a successful business. Dickau hopes he's on his way to improving his legacy once again, by getting rid of his trademark.