SPOKANE, Wash. -

Five people are recovering after being attacked by a pit bull Wednesday night in an apartment complex in the 6800 block of North Atlantic.

The dog first bit his owner and then four others. After an hour trying to contain it police had no choice but to shoot and kill the dog.

According to neighbors the owner only had the dog for a few weeks and Wednesday evening one neighbor said the owner was playing a little too rough with the dog when it snapped.

"The young gentleman that lives there came running over with a couple bite marks on him, yelling that he needed help and to call 911, he had just been attacked by his dog," neighbor James Betsinger said.

Betsinger was one of five people who were attacked by the pit bull.

"I have a slash mark, gaping hole in my leg, three stitches, my hand it completely torn up, stitch on the bottom of my wrist," he said.

Betsinger said he ran next door to help the owner pull the dog off his mom. The door was left open and the dog ran outside.

"He ran across the street and started attacking a little Pomeranian. He just picked it up and shook it," Betsinger said.

Once the pit bull put down the Pomeranian a woman driving by stopped and pepper sprayed the pit bull and "that made it even more crazy," Betsinger said.

Betsinger said he then tried to corral the dog inside an apartment when it lunged at him.

"At that point I shoved my hand in its mouth, locked him up in a head lock and rolled around until I got him down on the ground," he said.

As he was on the ground with the dog, Betsinger said two more men came over to try and contain him when they were both bitten as well.

The dog eventually was freed and that's when law enforcement and SCRAPS showed up.

"When the capture techniques require a certain lay of the land if you will, with a place to corner, corral, or trap the dog, so you can safely contain it and that just option was not available last night," Nancy Hill with SCRAPS said.

After nearly an hour had past since the attack started police officers shot the dog. In Betsinger's opinion they had exhausted all options.

"I love dogs and I love pit bulls, and I hold no animosity towards this dog, and not even its owners that just got the dog. I blame the people that have abused these animals and treat them the wrong way," Betsinger said.

The incident is being investigated by SCRAPS. The dog has been sent to a lab for rabies testing. No charges have been filed against the owner.