SPOKANE, Wash. -

Once again the annual freeze-thaw cycle that happens during winter is leading to a lot of damage to Spokane streets which, of course, means potholes.

Spokane road crews, who were busy Monday plowing roads and then working to prevent flooding Wednesday are now busy fixing potholes across Spokane.

City crews are out every day repairing pot holes in Spokane, however after the recent freeze-thaw the city is out trying to fill in as many potholes as they can. I can be a frustrating time for drivers as often the pothole repairs during the winter are just temporary until warmer weather hits.

The city has what they claim to be a simple and efficient way to report potholes.

"We have a report a pothole line where you can take a picture with your camera send it to the picture and the location, and our crews respond where the pothole is and go and take care of it," City spokesperson Julie Happy said.

The pothole hotline is 509-625-7733.