SPOKANE, Wash. -

Firefighters are investigating the cause of a fire that injured four of their own. Two firefighters had heat exhaustion, one suffered a minor burn, and another hurt his arm. They've all been released from the hospital, but eight people now need a new place to live.

If you believe in fate, it may be hard to believe why a fire would destroy your house.

"Feels like a sock in the gut, a blow," Nick Peraud said.

For Peraud, it's hard to understand even as he was reunited with his bearded dragon during the fire. One of his cats and two of his ferrets didn't make it. Thursday, he rummaged through what firefighters could save .

"Haha, twice baked cookies," Peraud said.

Amid what he lost, his attitude brightened because of what he's found. Pictures of his son, a tea set from his grandma, and most importantly a dress for his girlfriend Skye to wear August 4th.

"My fiance was very concerned about this, because we'll be getting married in August," Peraud said. "It was a huge relief. Especially for Skye. I think if she could have found one thing, it would have been this."

Father of the bride Pete Bell was ecstatic when we told him. He was inspecting the cars out back.

"It's just another bump in the road. We can fix it," he said of the house.

Pete wanted to help where he could, like fixing the melted tail lights on the truck. Mostly he was boosting morale, because he had heart surgery Tuesday.

"I got home from the hospital about 6 last night, which is when I found out this happened," Bell said.

It's stress no heart patient needs and no future husband wants but everyone was grateful, they still have a wedding to plan. Fate may be on their side.

Nick says they do not have renter's insurance but do have family to stay with in Spokane.

The wedding dress was cleaned by Clark's Cleaners down the street for free.

Firefighters still don't know how the fire started.