SPOKANE, Washington- -

It's a story we hear over and over: thieves stealing deliveries right off  the front porch.

It happened again this week in East Spokane, but this thief was caught on home surveillance. The mother, Kaitlyn Stevenson, says her husband, Ryan Stevenson, is deployed and she is taking care of their six-month-old baby and the last thing she needed was for this to happen.

Home surveillance video in a neighborhood by Chief Garry Park at 3p.m. Thursday shows a woman with dark hair, wearing a pink shirt and sunglasses stealing a box containing more than $120 dollars worth of clothes ordered from online.

She then drives off in what appears to be a red Toyota Corolla.

The mother, Kaitlyn Stevenson, filed a police report and so far there have been no suspects. If you have seen this woman, please call Crime Check at 456-2233.

If you order stuff online on sites like Amazon.com, you can send it to a secure location called "Amazon Locker" in Spokane and that way you can pick up your items with a photo I.D. and in a safe place.