SPOKANE, Wash. -

For the first time in 20 years, nutrition labels on the food you buy could get a big makeover.

Many people have walked through the grocery store, picked up something, tried to read the label and been totally confused. The print is very small, the information not cut and dry. Now the FDA wants to make shopping easier by changing these labels.

"They can be misleading," dietitian Natalie Tauzin said.

But for the first time in two decades, a major makeover, with new labels make calorie count bigger and highlight added sugars.

"So it would spell out how much sugar was added to this versus what was naturally in the milk," Tauzin said.

Tauzin, who works for the Spokane Health District, pointed out the new labels to help consumers decide what to grab from the shelves during a visit to Bargain Giant Foods.

"So it's 38 grams of sugar in this but there is nothing that would be a naturally sugar in this that is inherently in water so it's all added sugar," Tauzin said.

Aside from the larger calorie count print and added sugars column, the new labels will try to reflect what we actually eat, not what's ideal or recommended.

"Typically when you have something like this you don't just drink the serving size," Tauzin explained.

You drink the whole bottle but now, the calorie intake will be clearer.

"If this is the package and people typically drink the whole package, it would triple the calories," she said.

Instead of crunching numbers and trying to figure out how many calories are in an item, it would be right there, in bold.

"I think I would follow my diet rules a lot more if I could come in and grab a label and actually see right in front of me what's actually in it and the calorie take and sugar take," shopper Michelle Gendron said.

If you are what you eat then the FDA wants you to know exactly what you're putting in your mouth.

Another example of a serving size that would change is ice cream. Right now the serving size for ice cream is a half cup but most of us eat much more vanilla or chocolate than that, so the serving size for ice cream would jump to a cup and that means the calories on the label would double as well.

There will be a three month comment period and after that the FDA will make a final decision, so you could see the new labels on some items later this year and mandatory within two years.