FBI: No arrests made in ricin letter investigation

Published On: May 19 2013 08:18:33 PM PDT   Updated On: May 19 2013 08:18:45 PM PDT
FBI: No arrests made in ricin letter investigation
SPOKANE, Wash. -

Neighbors in Browne's Addition are now able to freely move about their neighborhood but that wasn't the case Saturday when dozens of FBI agents spent 15 hours searching an apartment near 1st and Oak.

Investigators believe the apartment may be connected to two threatening letters addressed to a federal judge and the Spokane Post Office. The letters preliminary tested positive for ricin, which is highly toxic.

The FBI says as of now no arrests have been made in the case. Right now the agency can't go into detail about what was seized from the apartment.

"It was kinda scary," Scott Ward said. Ward says he lives right across the hallway from the apartment that was raided by federal agents.

"I opened my door and there's a swat team, gas masks and everything. They said stay in, lock your doors and don't come out," he said.

We don't know if the person living in the raided apartment was connected at all to the two ricin-laced letters. Ward says the person who lives in the raided complex usually keeps to himself.

"You hardly ever see him, once in a while you go check your mail, or go to the store and you might say hey how are you doing," Ward said.

Earlier in the week the 10th Civil Support Team, a Washington National Guard unit whose mission it is to investigation weapons of mass destruction, was deployed to Spokane after the discovery of the letters. Their mission was to aid in identifying whether or not ricin was found in those letters.