SPOKANE, Wash. -

One person was killed in a four vehicle accident involving a semi in the eastbound lanes of I-90 west of the Four Lakes / Cheney exit Wednesday morning.

A small black pickup that was traveling eastbound on I-90 when the driver lost control on an overpass, left the roadway and crossed the center into the westbound lanes. A semi truck, traveling westbound, tried to avoid the center, crossed into the eastbound lanes and struck two vehicles before leaving the roadway.

In the first car the semi hit, the people weren't seriously hurt. In the second car, a Toyota Prius, a passenger, 38-year-old Herlinda Alzate-Barrera, was killed. The medical examiner confirmed she died from a head injury.

"It happens quickly and drivers just need to be prepared for that its winter time," Washington State Patrol Trooper Jeff Sevigney said.

Sevigney stressed just how important it is to be aware of the conditions you're driving in and how quickly they can change.

"We had fog set in and froze the bridge deck which is fairly common this time of year," Sevigney said. "The roadways under the bridge deck don't hold any heat so any type of moisture when we have temperatures below freezing are going to cause those to freeze up."

Sevigney said all too often that's something drivers overlook. The investigators first on the scene had a hard time standing on this overpass.

"You could play hockey up there. And again, it set in very quickly, conditions can change very rapidly so folks just need to be aware of that when they are headed out," he said.

In addition to Alzate-Barrera, eight other people were injured in the crash. None of their injuries is life-threatening.