Fire crews continue to work on containment efforts on the Hart Road and Cayuse Mountain fires, where 27 homes have been lost between the two, leaving many families displaced.

On Thursday the LeBret family went to survey their property. They're no strangers to wildfires, but in this one, while they suffered a devastating loss, it could have been much worse.

On Sunday, the fire was coming in for both their home and their rental property a few miles away. Their home survived. The rental property that's been in the family for decades was destroyed.

t was kind of devastating because they come and told us to evacuate here so we took our stuff and put it down there because it was safe and then they came back a half hour later and told us our house was gone down there,” Jackie LeBret said.

Thursday Terry LeBret didn't want to talk about all they had lost. His wife Jackie said he's having a difficult time.

It has really affected Terry,” she said.” Terry is not well, he's been going through a lot of medical problems the last year, he just had surgery last Tuesday, all of its coming down on him really bad.”

Thursday morning he surveyed the charred remains of his property, his classic car collection, his antler collection, all gone, things with both sentimental and monetary value.

“We just went school clothes shopping and bought all the kids clothes and everything, we took everything down there, we'd taken our antiques and jewelry and our collectables and stuff and put it down there and it's all gone,” LeBret said.

The property wasn't insured, something she said is common on the Spokane reservation.

“You can't afford it. So many people around here can't afford the insurance, so it's just a total loss. So you pick up and start over one day at a time,” she said.

That type of loss, many will never experience, but unfortunately the LeBrets know the feeling well. Back in 1989, Jackie and Terry's home burned down. Now they must start that rebuilding process again.

“One day at a time, just replace it one day at a time, that;s all you can do,” LeBret said.

The LeBrets say they're grateful no people got hurt in the fire, and thankful for the support of their community.