Cory Fowler was shot and killed in his Spokane Valley home in February, with very few clues left behind for detectives to catch his killer. Now a new reward is being offered to help bring some closure to the case and Fowler's family.

“It would be a shame for somebody to want to get paid for doing the right thing but I'm willing to pay them for doing the right thing. Somebody out there knows something,” Dan Fowler said.

More than a half year later after Dan Fowler's son Cory's death no one has been arrested. Dan and his wife Patty don't think their son's death was a robbery or a random murder. They believe he was executed by his ex-girlfriend, and so do detectives, so the Fowlers are trying to drum up some new evidence with a $10,000 reward.

Cory Fowler worked out of his apartment so no one knows exactly when he was killed. When his father couldn't raise his son on the phone, Dan and Patty went over to check on Cory in person.

“Knocked on the door, there was no answer. checked the door knob, it was unlocked. We opened the door and saw him laying on the floor,” Dan said.

Cory had been shot to death with a .380 pistol firing a German made brand of ammunition called Rottweil. However his apartment wasn't ransacked; if it had been a deadly home invasion robbery the killer might have taken his collection of guitars.

“Nothing was taken, in fact, on the shelf not too far from him was my grandfather's pocket watch,” Dan said.

The Fowlers think their son was killed by his ex-girlfriend as the couple was battling over child visitation issues.

“Cory was getting, was coming up on his first unsupervised visit without her there, which would be just a couple days after he was killed, just a couple days after,” Patty said.

Spokane County Sheriff's detectives say the ex-girlfriend does not have an alibi and refuses to be formally interviewed by investigators. Her attorney David Partovi has warned deputies not to arrest his client because this would be a self defense case. It's a circumstantial case and so far, without witnesses.

“Everybody knows she killed him. She know she killed him but she's free, free to enjoy her children. She's taken my granddaughter, I can never see her. She's living, my son's not,” Patty said.

The Fowlers are offering a $10,000 reward for information in their son's murder. If you have information about this murder call Crime Check at 456-2233.

The ex-girlfriend is listed as a person of interest in the case and has been the target of numerous search warrants but her cell phone never got close to these apartments the night of the murder and detectives have not been able to locate the murder weapon.