The Hart Road Fire burning northeast of Hart Road near Davenport in Lincoln County jumped the river Sunday night into Stevens County. While its now at an estimated 10,000 acres and growing, there have been a few victories on the fire lines.

Many people got the word Sunday night to pack up and move out as Level 3 evacuations were placed into effect in Lincoln County. On Monday, some residents were able to return to their homes to see if there was anything left.

One of those people was Debra Falt, who evacuated along with her 10 children in a chaotic run from the fire's advance.

“We didn't even get what we could,” Falt said.

Falt had no idea how close the flames were until a friend sent her a picture of her family's home surrounded by tall, wind-driven flames.

“It was pretty bad and it was really, really windy,” Falt said.

So when she arrived to assess the damage Monday she was shocked to find only a small piece of her deck had been burned by an ember.

“With all the wind it's just a miracle it didn't burn our house down,” Falt said.

Falt and her children are still shaken but she's also thankful to the firefighters who protected her home. Their home did receive some smoke damage, so they won't be returning just yet, but they feel lucky their home is still standing.