Each year Operation Homefront hosts a Back-to-School Brigade to help service men and women get their kids all the school supplies they need. Fairchild Air Force Base is saying thank you to that organization and to our community.

The work Operation Homefront does is essential to the service men and women at Fairchild and on every military base, and they could use your help. It's a worthy cause; serving the men and women that serve Americans like you and me everyday.

Boxes of backpacks are loaded into Michael Anderson Elementary. Soon, around 300 students will fill those bags with all they need for their first day back.

"School's coming and families are going out and they are here to provide school supplies for my enlisted Airmen and that's outstanding," said Colonel Brian Newberry.

Colonel Newberry is commander of the 92nd air refueling wing and he couldn't say enough nice things about Operation Homefront.

To him, what the organization provides is more than just a nice gesture.

"Bottom line, as we speak right now, we have airmen overseas fueling freedom or defending freedom across our world. So what Homefront provides is in providing support for the families back here. The airmen overseas can focus on their mission because they know their families are being taken care of," said Colonel Newberry.

"They have enough stress and worries on their plates as it is with their husbands and wives being deployed and they are at home trying to take care of their families. If we can step in and help supplement in any way, that is what we are here to do," Colonel Newberry added.

Kari McClellan travels to bases all over the Pacific Northwest organizing events like the Back-to-School Brigade, among many others. To pull it all off, Operation Homefront needs military towns like Spokane to step up.

"We have a great need for volunteers in this area to help us run events like our Back-to-School Brigade. We have our holiday toy drive coming up starting in November. Having volunteers here that can help to put those in place are essential for us to continue our mission," said McClellan.