SPOKANE, Wash. -

The Spokane Boxing Club is building a new home, with help from the KXLY4 Extreme Team.

Construction is underway at 1st and Jefferson. Former boxer and founder Rick Welliver hopes the new location will help attract at risk kids, giving them a community to belong to.

“One thing Spokane needs is an inner-city youth boxing program.... [to get] some of these kids of the streets and put them in a position to do something and feel like they're a part of something,” Welliver said.

Teddy Palm has loved boxing since he was 11. He's been training with Welliver at Spokane Boxing, where he and his teammates learn more than just how to box.

“Rick taught me that we're a family and you have to show everybody respect,” Palm said.

Before he started boxing, school wasn't Teddy's number one priority. When his mom gave him an ultimatum-- good grades, or no boxing-- he jumped into action.

“That just shut me down immediately because this is my favorite sport, this is like my life right now,” Palm said.

A key of Spokane Boxing's mission is inclusion.

“We're a team, but when you get in the ring , it's all on you you don't get to depend on anyone else and a lot of these kids are in a position where they don't want to depend on anyone else. They're survivors,” Welliver said.