Everyday Heroes - Haiti Heroes

Published On: Jul 30 2013 11:52:41 PM PDT   Updated On: Aug 05 2013 12:39:54 PM PDT

Everyday Heroes is a chance to profile the people who make an extraordinary impact on other's lives and in our community.

Kevin and Shannon Davis' lives were changed on a mission trip to Haiti three years ago. After multiple trips to help in the orphanages ravaged by hunger and disease in the 2010 earthquake, they're now making a permanent move half a world away.

"I think everybody understands that there are starving people in the world, but I think it's just a statistic until you see it face to face," said Kevin Davis. "I don't think we could live a 'normal American life' anymore."

His wife Shannon agrees.

"I don't see us as heroes," she said. "I think we just saw a need and knew that we needed to do something about it."