SPOKANE, Wash. -

Army veteran Jed Zillmer had a plan from the beginning as dispatch tapes released Thursday show he wanted police officers to kill him the night of February 11.

Officers chased him through two counties and across two states before they caught up to him in a final, fatal confrontation for the 23-year-old Afghanistan combat veteran. Spokane County Sheriff's deputies shot Zillmer, 23, after he led police on a chase from Spokane to Coeur d'Alene and back to Spokane Valley.

What's not heard on the dispatch recordings is Zillmer himself; what the Spokane County Sheriff's Office released Thursday was just the conversations between dispatchers and deputies during the pursuit and eventually the confrontation with him.

Zillmer's family said he suffered from PTSD but until that night they didn't know how bad it really was.

Before the chase ended at the intersection of Indiana and Sullivan, dispatch communication shows what law enforcement knew about Zillmer as he led them on a high speed chase across the Inland Northwest. While on the road Zillmer was on the phone to 911. He told him who he was and said he was suicidal.

Dispatcher: "Again, he is heavily armed, he's currently that he wants to be shot in the head, saying he'll shoot in the air until we shoot him. Says he doesn't plan to harm citizens. Unless we take too long to shoot him."

Because Zillmer drove on and off I-90 so many times officers had a hard time finding him. Zillmer was on the phone with a 911 supervisor saying he was in several different places. Then officers spotted him in Coeur d'Alene.

Dispatch: "The subject got back onto I-90, is now heading westbound from the Sherman exit."

The chase reached 100 mph at one point; attempts to use spike strips were unsuccessful.

After nearly an hour, Zillmer got off at the Sullivan exit in Spokane Valley, his Honda Civic smoking.

Deputy: "Coming up to Sullivan ... speed slowing down ... about 40."

After several minutes Zillmer got out of his car.

Deputy: "He's got a gun."

Dispatch: "Copy Sullivan and Indiana he has a gun."

Minutes later came the call that deputies had fired their weapons at Zillmer.

Deputy: "Shots fired, shots fired, shots fired."

Six deputies -- Brett Hubbell, Jeff Thurman, Dale Moyer, Ryan Walter, Brian Hirzel and Randy Watts -- were involved in the shooting.

Once the investigation into the shooting has been completed it will be forwarded to the Spokane County Prosecutor's Office to determine whether or not the shooting was justified.