SPOKANE, Wash. -

A drive by shooting in north Spokane this weekend that landed one person in the hospital may have gotten its start during an argument over loud music.

The drive-by shooting that targeted a home near the intersection of Walton Ave. and Post St. was unusually bold and slow, the gunman opening fire from a GMC Yukon but not before he made sure everyone in the neighborhood would be watching.

Neighbors would like a little more peace and quiet, so when shots rang out this weekend, they chalked it up to low-level drug dealing.

"This area in general is just a bad area for people to live 'cause there's always somebody messing with somebody," resident Dusty Keyser said.

That was the case on Saturday in what turned out to be a well-telegraphed attack. Unlike most drive-by shootings, this one happened in broad daylight giving detectives plenty of witnesses to work with.

Instead of zooming by the target house, witnesses say the suspect's car blue GMC Yukon actually circled the block a couple of times and then the driver started laying on the horn.

"It is unique in that the suspect vehicle parked in front of the house for a period of time, actually honked its horn, drawing attention to itself and then fired the shots, and it was during the daylight so we have more witnesses than we would typically have than if it happened at night," Spokane Police Lieutenant Mark Griffiths said.

The sounds of the blaring horn prompted the victim step out on his front porch to see what the commotion was about. That's when the gunman fired at least four rounds hitting the victim once in the chest.

When investigators interviewed that man in the hospital, detectives learned this shooting may have been about someone complaining about loud music.

"I know it was about load music between the victim and another person, another person living at that location. That person we have not contacted yet and those are some of the things we haven't follow up on yet," Griffiths said.

Major Crimes detectives would have interviewed that other tenant if they could find him and that's where this dark blue GMC Yukon comes in. The gunman and perhaps two other people where inside the SUV and not shy about being spotted. The Yukon might have a brush guard on the front bumper and a Washington plate on the back.

If you know where it is, investigators would sure like to hear from you. Give them a call at Crime Check at 456-2233.