CRESTON, Wash. -

Politics can divide a community, but people in small towns in Eastern Washington tend to agree more than they disagree, like in the town of Creston.
The tiny town of Creston is located on Highway 2, west of Spokane, and is certainly Trump territory. But, one man isn't going to let that stop him from expressing his Democratic views, even when thieves try to shut him down.
Tucked into Lincoln County, Creston has three operating business: the post office, town hall and the Corner Cafe. Blink and you may miss them. Everyone in this town knows everyone.
"There's a lot of different walks of life out here and everybody thinks differently," said one Creston resident.
But, the vast majority vote Republican. In fact, in 2012, 70% of voters in Lincoln County cast their vote for Mitt Romney.
"Being a Democrat in Lincoln County, we're pretty much a minority," said resident Darrel Brown.
Brown says his family has lived in Creston for decades, and has always leaned toward Democratic politics. That's why Darrel hung signs outside his home to show which candidates he supports.
"I feel very strongly this particular cycle about Hillary Clinton, who I believe is the only candidate and has been for this particular office this year," Brown said.
But, his signs may not be so welcome in this small town.
"They weren't up very long and they started to disappear," said Brown.
Thieves started to snatch his signs. So, he took his concerns to the sheriff. The signs stayed put after that, but just to be sure they'd stay safe, Brown used zip ties to secure those signs to his white picket fence.
While many residents in Creston want anyone but Clinton in office, Darrel says he won't let that stop him from displaying his beliefs proudly for all to see.
"Signage that I have up here that says 'dump Cathy McMorris Rodgers,' I've had continually here posted here in Creston with a little controversy, if you will, since 2013," he said.
But, even when his neighbors don't agree, Brown says he's always up for a good chat about politics.