SPOKANE, Wash. -

Court documents paint a disturbing picture of the circumstances surrounding the death of a two-year old child in Spokane. The child's mother told investigators she left her home with an ex-boyfriend, a convicted felon, while she went out drinking with a man she only knew as "Stranger."

Deputies found Adalynn Hoyt lying in her bed in a home on East 55th earlier this week. The child's mother, Lovina Rainey, said she left her children at home with Jason Obermiller the night before. Obermiller is not the children's father and was already wanted by US Marshalls. Rainey told detectives she came home at 3 am and went straight to bed, not checking on any of the children.

Court documents say that when Rainey woke up at 11 am, she "peeked in on Adalynn and believed her to be asleep and noted the child was half on and half off the mattress." Two hours later, she had her four-year old child check on Adalynn who told her the girl was not breathing. By the time Rainey checked on her, rigor mortis had already set in.

Obermiller was not in the home and Rainey said "she tried to call Obermiller several times on his cellular phone since the discovery and he was not answering her calls."

The Spokane County Medical Examiner's Office ruled Adalynn's cause of death was blunt trauma to the abdomen. While paramedics were asking Rainey about her deceased child's medical history, they say Rainey was repeatedly messaging and calling people on her phone, including the man who identified himself as "Stranger."

Court documents detail several other people living in the home. One man, Trevor Powell, told investigators "he regularly had cared for the children in the home since staying there as the mother, Lovina, does not pay much attention to the children."
Powell told investigators he's in a gang. Powell has convictions for burglary, riot with a deadly weapon, felony assaults, robbery and controlled substance violations.

Detectives say Lovina Rainey has no local criminal history. Court documents say Obermiller has an "extensive criminal history including convictions for domestic violence, DUI, court order violations and malicious mischief." Another woman who lived in the home, Cassie Verastegui, has convictions for forgery, theft, possession of stolen property, residential burglary, possession of stolen firearms and numerous controlled substance violation arrests." Powell has convictions for burglary, riot with a deadly weapon, felony assaults, robbery and controlled substance violations.

In court documents, Detective Kirk Keyser says adults showed reckless behavior because no one checked on the child from 9:45 pm until 11 am the next day. "Keyser also finds it highly unusual that Obermiller left the house before Rainey woke up and is not answering calls. He also believes there's evidence someone "tampered with the scene of death."

After executing a search warrant, detectives found baggies of meth and other drugs.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office is investigating crimes that include Murder in the First Degree, Criminal Mistreatment and Possession of a Controlled Substance With Intent to Deliver. Search warrants list Rainey, Obermiller and Verastegui as possible defendants.

Rainey's three other children are in state custody.