DEER PARK, Wash. -

Construction has been halted on a work-site in Deer Park after someone stole $20,000 worth of tools Saturday night.

“Pretty much lost yesterday and today, and probably most of tomorrow,” said construction worker Tom Edwards. “Literally cut the hinges off of one of the trailers and stole tools, air tools, cordless tools.”

A gray trailer belonging to Scott and Sons Heating and Air Conditioning was also taken from the site.

Edwards says it's frustrating, and now the first time something like this has happened. He says it can be hard work trying to stay one step ahead of the thieves.

“You're always taking greater steps to lock your stuff up and protect your stuff, but they always find a way, it seems like, to get by that,” said Edwards.

Edwards hopes his crew can be back to work by Thursday.

Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward leading to an arrest of the tool thief or thieves. That number is 1-800-222-TIPS.