SPOKANE, Wash. -

The three month long effort to kick Mayor David Condon out of office was dismissed in less than an hour in a Spokane court room Tuesday afternoon.

"This has been a very difficult time to say the least," Mayor Condon said. "I'm pleased with the Judge after reviewing that I legally and ethically followed the rules."

In a press release sent out Tuesday afternoon, Condon said he plans to review and revise the City of Spokane's policies surrounding harassment allegations. He also stated he will select a blue ribbon commission to do a deep dive on public records policies.

The charges against Condon included the sexual harassment case and forced resignation of former Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub and how Condon failed to act with the Spokane Municipal code when he appointed Craig Meidl as Spokane Police Chief-all charges filed by petitioner, David Green.

"I'm disappointed in the end result, but I'm pleased with the community and with respect to the issues with the Straub investigation since they have been addressed. I don't plan on appealing but im pleased the Judge addressed all the issues," Green said.

Shannon Sullivan was also at the hearing. She led the grassroots effort to recall Spokane Mayor Jim West and launched a campaign to recall Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker in 2011.

"I'm sorry he has been the damn Mayor and he should know city policy! If sexual harassment comes up, it is right there, whether he should hypothetically know it not, he should know it. It never hurts to stand up squeaky wheel gets the grease and we need to demand more of our elected officials," Sullivan said.

Mayor Condon and Green do agree on one thing: both say it is time to for the community to move on from these issues.

"I think the community should heal and focus on the future," Green said.

"There are lessons to be learned absolutely. We need to move forward and we will do that as a city government and as a city," Condon said.