SPOKANE, Wash. -

The first legal sale of pot in the entire country was made in Denver on New Year's Day, and the coming days in Colorado will give Washington a good look at the troubles -- and riches -- it could encounter.

Long lines and eager minds awaited the first New Year's pot sales Wednesday morning in Colorado. About 40 stores opened there, mostly in Denver.

Meanwhile in Washington, the state's liquor control board is sifting through 1,312 retailer applications, including 96 in Spokane County.

"But it's the small guys, especially in this industry as it opens up in Washington and Colorado, that I think are truly going to bring back the economy of our city and states," Paul Lugo at The Herbal Connection said.

Some are coming from all across the country, like Karen Phelps, who moved from Ft. Worth, Texas to Spokane, to grow pot.

"I've been waiting for this since I've been a kid. I've been waiting for this, it's been a long time coming," Phelps said.

Spokane now has 57 retail applications for eight stores while Spokane Valley has 28 for three stores.

Pullman now has seven applications for three spots, but the City of Pullman, and many other cities across the state, are still saying no to marijuana. Pullman has a six-month moratorium to ban any type of pot shop or grow from starting within its city limits.

City employees have said this is to keep people from trying to kick off the new year before the new law takes effect.

Other cities that don't want marijuana include Redmond and SeaTac.

The liquor control board has said cities can't ban the new businesses, and it's a potential battle that could land the state and its cities in court.

The state is currently processing the nearly 5,000 applications for growers, processors, and retailers. Ssome of those licenses could be handed out in late-February.