This week's Wednesday's Child is Cody, who is always in motion.

Cody says he would spend the whole day playing basketball if he could, but is happy doing all kinds of different activities.

"Swimming, bike riding, skateboarding," he told us.

He also likes dogs and Snicker's ice cream bars, video games and the Fast and Furious movies. His hope is to someday be behind the wheel, or at least the handle bars or a dirt bike, but his dream is to be adopted into a family with the same interests.

"One of them could have, like, a four-wheeler and I could ride a dirt bike and we could go as a family," he said. "It's not fun being in foster care. Every year so far I've been moved to a different home.

Cody wants his next home to be the one he never has to leave.

"I just want a mom and dad and to be in a house."