SPOKANE, Wash. -

Wednesday night's rain combined with below freezing temperatures Thursday morning, making for an icy commute for drivers and pedestrians alike. While the city is charged with keeping the roads clear, who's in charge of clearing the sidewalks?

In neighborhoods around town it was tricky to just get from one street to the other this because of the icy sidewalks. So who's responsible for clearing them? The onus is actually on the homeowners and businesses owners. They're responsible for keeping sidewalks adjacent to their property clear of snow.

The city says the sidewalks should be clear within 24 hours of snowfall. You must also clear a path at least three feet wide. Snow must be cleared from ramps, fire hydrants and mailboxes.

If you don't clear the sidewalks, you could face a $103 fine. Julie Happy with the City of Spokane says it's important to keep sidewalks clear for the safety of the community.

"It is about safe conditions for people who use your sidewalks or go across your sidewalk because again it is a liability for the property owners if something should occur on that sidewalk," Happy said.

If you aren't able to clear your sidewalks because you're disabled, elderly or low income there is help; just call the Senior Volunteer Chore Service at 459-6184.