The City of Spokane bought it for a dollar and now 117 years later its putting a five acre plot of land in North Central Spokane up for sale.

The property known as the Normandie Complex was the former home for the city's public works and sits at the intersection of Normandie and Mission. The property is zoned high density commercial with a max building height of 150 feet. To put that into perspective, City Hall is about 110 feet tall.

The city says a real estate review committee will put out a request for proposal sometime in September.

“We definitely don't want to rush the disposition of it over just a few months, we want to make sure we take the time to make a positive decision because we look at it as having a big impact on that community," Asset management director Ed Lukas said.

The city says it wants to find a project that works with the Emerson/Garfield neighborhood, creates jobs and makes the best financial sense.

The city originally bought the property from JJ Browne back in 1899 for $1 and hasn't yet set a price for the property.