SPOKANE, Wash. -

The City of Spokane is giving you the boot - if you don't pay your parking tickets. Monday night, the City Council voted unanimously to adopt the tire boots as a solution to the 85-thousand unpaid parking tickets.

The thousand of unpaid parking tickets total about $4.5 Million in missed revenue for the city. Exceptional parking offenders have upwards of 250 tickets to their name.

So Monday night, the council voted to put an end to delinquent tickets with a 6 to 0 unanimous vote. The council is comprised of seven members, but Councilmember Steve Salvatori was not at the meeting.

There was a short-lived idea to take four holidays off of the "free parking" list with this ordinance - like Veterans Day or Martin Luther King Junior Day - but that idea was quickly quashed by City Council President Ben Stuckart with no opposition from the council members.

With the passing of the ordinance, boots can be seen making their way to a curbside near you in about a month and half. If you violating parking rules and it's found you have four or more parking tickets, your car will be fitted with a boot and you'll have two days to come forward and figure out a payment plan or your car will be impounded.