SPOKANE, Wash. -

The Spokane City Council is expected to pass a handful of new laws Monday night to target bad behavior in the downtown core.

Among them, a law to make carrying car prowling tools illegal, even if police don't see them in use. Skateboarding on sidewalks will also become illegal, as well as bad behavior on city busses.         

City leaders also want to be able to hold repeat offenders accountable for their anti-social behavior, and Mark Richard with the Downtown Spokane Partnership agrees.

"We think it's reasonable that the people who have invested in downtown, that the residents of downtown, have an expectation that there's a code of conduct. That we can have an expectation of friendliness and kindness and mutual respect," he said.

City leaders say they hope to make a big impact by putting specific emphasis on these new laws until the end of 2013.

"One law is not going to make or break downtown," said city councilman Ben Stuckart. "But a series or focused efforts will move us in the right direction."

The city council also wants to see a crack-down on panhandling. They worry generous handouts are only keeping the homeless and street kids from taking advantage of programs designed to help get them off the street and into jobs.