SPOKANE, Wash. -

The Spokane Symphony might not be able to keep playing if it wasn't for the Christmas Tree Elegance, an annual fundraiser that will have 18 trees and prize packages raffled off this coming weekend.

There's no more elegant place to host this fundraiser than the Davenport Hotel. There are some really extravagant trees and prize packages as well as more simple ones like the Moo-La-La Tree. The grand prize is $4,500 in cash. There's something for everyone here and the best part is how simple and inexpensive it is for everyone to play along.

"It's a raffle so anyone who can afford a dollar can participate in this event," Maureen Boutz with the Spokane Symphony Associates said. SSA supports the orchestra.

"We are their single largest donor," Boutz said. "They have a number of other donors, of course, but our organization is the largest donor that they have and our funds all go to the general fund so that they can use it for whatever they need."

Each tree and the prizes that come with it are worth around $5,000. The trees have only been out for a week and the ticket boxes are already filling up

"This is the biggest fundraiser this organization does. Last year we sold approximately 210,000 raffle tickets and we were able to donate $198,000 to the Spokane Symphony Orchestra," Boutz said.

Christmas Tree Elegance ends this weekend with the drawing Saturday night. You can see the trees on display right now; 12 of them are at the Davenport while the other six are over at RiverPark Square.