SPOKANE, Wash. -

Work on this year's Chinese Lantern Festival has been going on in Riverfront Park for about two months now and next week they'll turn on the lights.

This year the festival will debut all new lanterns, with some made out of unique materials.

“Each of these bottles here are hand filled with water and then turned into the dragons you'll see at the festival this year,” Tim Berry of Tianu Arts and Culture said, walking through the displays and explaining how they work. “When you see one of them your like 'eh' but when you see it all together its amazing."

That's not the only new material as 23 artists have been working hard on hundreds of handmade lanterns including one made out of real china and, no, you cannot touch it.

This year's theme is more tropical so expect bright, beautiful colors and fish and sea-like creatures strewn about the park.

“We really want you to come back out because we have so many new lanterns and this tropical feel, new performances, new food vendors a totally new experience," Berry said.

This year instead of a pop up restaurant inside the park different food trucks will be parking in the festival each night, making the festival more local and affordable. Tickets are a bit cheaper this year too with $15 for adults and $10 for children.

The Chinese Lantern Festival starts September 16 and runs through the end of October.