SPOKANE, Wash. -

This week is National Health Center Week and Spokane residents certainly have a reason to celebrate as the Community Health Association of Spokane reopened its Maple Street Clinic Thursday after a big renovation process that will improve how they serve our community.

It took nearly two years and $6 Million to finish the renovations at the Maple Street Clinic. The renovations will mean more patients, more health care professionals for those patients and a complete one stop shop for all your health care needs.

"It's been a twenty month project, a lot of work a lot of staff and the patients have stayed with us," CHAS Chief Operating Officer Aaron Wilson said.

Dental work, pediatrics, OB/GYN, and pharmacy services will all be available now at the refurbished clinic. To make that possible the clinic had to be expanded to accommodate those services.

"About 7,500 square feet to the west side of the facility, and that is basically two medical clinics, and then we came back through and moved all of our staff to that side and came back through and renovated the existing building," Wilson explained.

The additional space for the clinic will need the projected additional need for medical services in the neighborhood.

"A lot of folks in the Maple Street neighborhood come here and we hoping they continue to come here," Wilson said. "We have Medicaid expansion in January, so the additional space and providers will allow us to meet the additional need."