SPOKANE, Wash. -

The Inlander opened its new office in the city's hottest new neighborhood Wednesday and developers believe business in Kendall Yards is driving up business in Spokane.

Before The Inlander opened up its new offices in Kendall Yards a restaurant and spa were already in the neighborhood and there are several more businesses on the way.

The Inlander prides itself on quality journalism and providing readers with what's going on, and what's hip and new. Now they'll write it, from the newest and hippest part of town.

"Our new building is a reflection of the health of our business, the health of our business is a reflection of the health of Spokane. I see great things in the future," publisher Ted McGregor said.

The newspaper's new office is the latest opening in an area that is rapidly growing.

"Excited about the confidence that they've shown and Kendall Yards is a project, and confidence in the economy of Spokane," Greenstone CEO Jim Frank said.

Greenstone is developing Kendall Yards, and Frank confirmed three new restaurants will open up next to The Inlander next year as well as another building where apartments are built over retail shops.

"All is a very urban, walkable, kind of environment. So we're excited about the way that the commercial portion of the project is developing out now," Frank said.

Spokane Mayor David Condon spoke Wednesday on the importance of developing Kendall Yards and how it's strengthening the local economy.

"Such a huge investment of not only dollars, but an investment in our community by those that have been part of our community for so long," Condon said.

So now, what began as a pile of dirt three years ago, is now a modern office building and home to The Inlander; more businesses will be following, which many hope continues to boost a strong downtown corridor.

And as for the homes being built in the project, new homes are selling as fast as they can build them, with some trying to buy some that are still under construction.