SPOKANE, Wash. -

Fire investigators believe a brush fire that spread and burned down two outbuildings and a vacant home was intentionally set.

On Thursday, just before 7 p.m. firefighters responded to a brush fire at Buckeye and Upriver Drive. Within minutes, an old barn, out building and home were in flames.

Neighbors said they knew right away the fire was no accident.

"My daughter came running saying there was a fire, we didn't see any fire when we came home and we saw three separate fires so they had to have been set separately," said Shelley Anspach who lives across the street from where the fire started.

"It's all very scary and I live right here, so I'm a little worried that we might have an arsonist on our hands," she added.

As firefighters battled the house fire from the outside, power lines started arcing from above causing spot fires for several blocks.

Jack Cates, Fire Chief with Fire District 9, said the arcing lines caused a line into one home to smoke and a cable box at another home to catch fire.

Cates said based on eye witnesses, he believes the fire is suspicious.

This is the second time Cates has fought a fire at this location. In 2005, a fire killed two people at the house on Buckeye and Upriver. In that fire, the floor collapsed and has been boarded up ever since. And that's why Cates did not send crews into the home. He said the floor was unstable and it was not safe for his crews.

Firefighters are expected to be on scene for several more hours. Cates said they are actively looking for a suspect.