SPOKANE, Wash. -

A 10 year old Spokane boy is lucky to be alive after being hit by an uninsured driver while riding his bike. That boy, Averie Crawford was hit in a crosswalk near Ferris High School while heading home from his brother's football practice on Tuesday night.

Averie is currently recovering at Sacred Heart Medical Center. His father says this driver should not have been on the road, and says in the future he will take will take more precautions to make sure his son stays safe.

As Averie's parents left the practice, they realized those sirens they heard in the distance, were because their ten year old was badly hurt.

“The gentleman who hit him, was doing 30 miles an hour, hit him in the crosswalk,” Averie's father Damyon Crawford said. “At 30 miles an hour, [he] knocked him approximately 30 feet away from his car, knocked him out of his shoes.”

The 20 year old driver who hit Averie was cited for driving with a suspended license, no insurance, expired tabs, failing to yield to a pedestrian, and not using proper child restraints.

Records show that driver has been cited for driving without insurance twice before.

“He got a thousand dollars in fines, to me that's not enough he could have took my child's life,” Damyon said.

Averie suffered a skull fracture, bruising and cuts. He was not wearing a helmet that night, something his dad takes responsibility for.

“I'm to blame for my son not wearing a helmet, he was not wearing a helmet, it was the most horrifying thing I've probably ever witnessed,” Damyon said.

Damyon says Averie should be out of the hospital tomorrow, and the family is thankful he is going to be okay.

“Kids, adults, if you're on a scooter a bicycle a skateboard, wear a helmet because tomorrow is not promised,” he said.

According to Mid-Columbia Insurance, approximately 16% of Washington drivers do not carry auto insurance. Washington ranks 10th among uninsured drivers on the road. The Spokane Police Department recommends getting uninsured motorist coverage in case you ever get in a crash with someone who does not have auto insurance.