An 11-year-old Colville boy convicted of conspiracy to commit first degree murder will spend three to four years in juvenile detention.

Prosecutors said the boy took a knife and gun to Fort Colville Elementary School last February and planned to kill a classmate.

A second suspect, a 10-year-old boy, pleaded guilty earlier, but the 11-year-old's lawyers decided to take his case to court. The court found the boy guilty.

In court Wednesday afternoon prosecutors called employees of Fort Colville Elementary School to the stand who talked about the impact of this case on the other students. Some were scared to go to school and one boy even transferred because of it.

His family defended him in court, saying he needs treatment, not incarceration, and that kids sometimes do strange things.

Prosecutors originally wanted him to serve eight years, while the defense suggested closer to two years. The judge in the end sentenced the boy to serve between 176 to 220 months in detention, which is approximately three to four years.