SPOKANE, Wash. -

A battle over bed and breakfasts has sparked in Spokane, pitting new online rentals against longtime business owners, and now the City of Spokane is getting in the middle of it.

The Marianna Stoltz House in the Logan neighborhood offers rooms to guests and bed and breakfast connoisseurs.

"It's a wonderful old house in a wonderful neighborhood," owner Phyllis Maguire said.

Maguire has run the business for 27 years. She says she's paid her dues and abided by regulations.

"My dishwasher has to be 150 degrees," Maguire said. "My tap water can't be more than 120 degrees."

If you want a different place to stay, a website like Airbnb.com may suit your needs. There are entire homes or just rooms for rent. You only have to book for one night too.

Rebecca Mack owns several properties she lists on Airbnb.com.

"During Expo ('74) the city residents were encouraged to do exactly what we're doing. To invite people into their homes and make Spokane a welcoming accommodating place for visitors," Mack said.

But Maguire argues these 'overnights in homes' are trying to do what she's doing, without the legal paperwork.

"Last week I sent $410 to the health department," Maguire said. "I had an inspector show up. I play the game right, why can't everybody else?"

The City of Spokane is now working to regulate these types of businesses by mid-summer. Mack hopes the city will be careful.

"What's good for a 700-room hotel downtown is not necessarily going to be appropriate for a little apartment like this," Mack said.

The two sides of the B&B battle may be more alike than they think.

"There's room for everybody, but everybody should play by the same rules," Maguire said.

"The effort right now to have a more level playing field right now, I think that's totally fair," Mack said.

The city will take complaints on this issue until August 1. Then, city leaders will decide which regulations they want on short-term stays in residential areas.