SPOKANE, Wash. -

It's finally time for some professional football, and with the NFL season in full swing, local bars are preparing for some large and rowdy crowds.

The Globe in Downtown Spokane says as a fairly new bar in the city, football is the perfect chance to attract new customers.

"It just kind of brings people downtown, a different clientele that we don't normally see," said Brian Mongkolpuet, general manager of The Globe.

Mongkolpuet says the bar held some specials on Sundays last year, but realized the bar was going to have to do more this year to bring in large crowds. That's why the bar is pushing a lot of new specials.

"That's not just Sunday though. That's Monday nights, Thursday nights, and we also try to offer a good special for like Saturday for college ball games as well," he said.

The Globe offers drink specials during football games, as well as a menu specifically designed for the games. It hopes that will be just what fans are looking for.

"We want more of that sports bar feel because sports really brings people together and it's a really good time to show people what we can do here," said Mongkolpuet.

The Globe appeals to sports fans with a projector screen for Seahawks games, and televisions throughout the bar that play nothing but football.

Mongkolpuet says high-profile games can fill up the bar to capacity, which means big bucks for The Globe. He adds those fans are usually rooting for their Seahawks.

"It gets pretty rowdy. It's loud. Lots of screaming, lots of cheering, lots of booing. But, it gets really fun. It gets really fun. It's really high energy and really enjoyable," he said.