When contacted by detectives, Henrikson said he was in business with Carlile, was angry at him for not paying people money they were owed -- he claimed Carlile owed him $1.88 Million -- but denied ever threatening him, was not involved in his killing and didn't know why anyone would hurt Carlile.

"Let everyone know that James Henrikson did it."

Henrikson has been interviewed by detectives investigating Carlile's murder, but authorities have not said whether or not he is a suspect or a person of interest in the killing. However, he is a person of interest in the February 2012 disappearance of Casey Clark, the one-time operations manager for Henrikson.

Detectives were tipped off by an individual who was roommates in North Dakota with Robert Delao, a known criminal in Spokane with a long history of offenses including theft and assault. Delao would often receive visits from a man identified as Todd Bates, who Spokane Police know is a friend of Delao's.

Delao told his roommate Bates was a roustabout working for the oil company, a claim the roommate refuted because he had worked in the oil fields his entire life and Bates knew nothing about the oil industry.

On one occasion the witness said he overheard Henrikson and Bates talking about a job from February 2013 and that "this job would pay the same as the last job." The witness speculated the last job was Casey Clark, and that Bates, who court documents confirm has multiple convictions in Alaska for assault, was an enforcer for the company, who would beat up or intimidate people who caused Henrikson problems.

The witness, concerned for his safety, left the company and moved home to Texas.

Another witness, whose identity has been protected by detectives, said they were an employee of Henrikson's and, despite his claims to the contrary, the witness said he heard Henrikson threaten to kill Carlile and his entire family.

The individual also said that another employee, Eric Guerrero, told him in mid-September 2013 that Henrikson had approached Guerrero to see if he knew anyone that could kill Tex Hall, the elected leader of the MHA Nation.

Henrikson, Delao and Delao's girlfriend, Robin Benson, all worked for Hall's company, Moheshu Energy, and the trio are under federal investigation for defrauding the oil company out of millions of dollars.

Guerrero, who the witness said bragged about being in prison for murder, has the words Mexican Mafia tattooed on the back of his head; the Mexican Mafia is a high-profile Hispanic prison gang across the United States. Guerrero denied, when contacted by detectives, ever being asked to find someone to kill Tex Hall and refused to cooperate further.

While Suchow has been arrested for his murder, Carlile himself identified Henrikson as a suspect before his death.

In the days before his killing, fearing for his life, Carlile borrowed a gun from one of his sons and told family members, "If I disappear or wake up with bullets in my back, promise me you will let everyone know that James Henrikson did it."