SPOKANE, Wash. -

Avondre Graham, the young man responsible for a series of terrifying attacks along the Centennial Trail, apologized for his actions in court Tuesday.

Graham explained he was off his mental health medications when he killed Sharlotte McGill as she walked her dog in May of last year in a court appearance that wrapped up the remaining charges leveled against him.

In court Tuesday it was revealed the case against him might never have gone to trial if he hadn't confessed, and that the last victim was just trying to be nice to Graham when she was robbed and assaulted.

Graham was already sentenced to 10 ten years for McGill's murder. Tuesday he pleaded guilty to trying to steal Debbie Watkins' cell phone as she jogged down the Centennial Trail.

"He just asked what time it was and before I could even get the words out of my mouth, that's when he hit me the first time," she said.

As Watkins stood there on the trail, dazed and bleeding, maintenance man Josh Gahl chased after Graham.

"I didn't know if he had a gun or a knife so I just tackled him and he flew into the river," Gahl said.

Police arrested Graham, who later implicated himself in the attacks, detailing specifics that only the real suspect would know.

Prosecutors said Tuesday they might have had trouble getting the confession admitted as evidence because Graham had talked about wanting an attorney.

"There was not an unequivocal request but based upon the inquiry an attorney should have been provided," Deputy Prosecutor Mark Cipolla said.

That's one reason why Graham was allowed to plead guilty and Tuesday he apologized for his actions.

"I'm sorry for what I did Miss Watkins, I did not mean to do it. I was not on medications and I hope you can forgive me," Graham said.

Watkins said she forgave Graham a long time ago and hopes what he said in court brings McGill's family some closure as well.

"It was nice to hear that he really accepted responsibility for it. I felt like the whole thing with Sharlotte, it felt like no responsibility was being taken so it was good to see that," Watkins said.

Graham's family also apologized to Watkins both in court and in the hallway outside the courtroom. They said Graham was a good person who could sometimes do bad things when he wasn't on his medications. His family is hoping Graham will serve his sentence at Airway Heights Corrections Center so they can support him during his prison sentence.