Sunday marked 11 years of Ironman Coeur d'Alene. More than 2,500 athletes participated in the race and they brought their support teams along with them.

Geoff Murray is a second-time Ironman athlete from Seattle. His friends and family, or 'Team Murray,' were were on the sidelines cheering him on the entire time.

His mother Merline Murray says his last race was in Arizona. He's been training to compete in Ironman as long as she can remember.

"He is just encouraged to keep going because this is fun for him, this is his hobby and what he likes to do. He has been working on it since he was twelve," said Murray.

Girlfriend Courtney Rebich says living with an Ironman athlete can be trying at times.

"Its a full time job. They're doing thirty hours a week training on top of a full time job, but we work together to keep everything where it needs to be," said Rebich.

Courtney and Geoff don't get to spend a lot of time together, especially close to a race, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Its awesome seeing him just come by and at the finish line. It is amazing because you know how much work they're putting in and you see it everyday," she added.

Support like this is somewhat unique to Ironman. It's not just family here, but close friends like Lauren and Cody, who met Geoff while studying at Ohio State.

"He has been a big brother to us and we care about him so much. He is so thoughtful and we're just a big team," said Lauren.

They wouldn't have his race for anything; they know just how much work he's put in. After this race Geoff's friends and family expect he'll begin training for the next one, and they will be there.

"We're going to show up, whenever he runs an Ironman we'll be there," said father Mac Murray.

That's the spirit of Ironman: these athletes are here to do their best, and working to help others do the same.

"He works so hard for this and to be able to come and just cheer him on is a huge lift for him, but also it is a great thing for us to come and be a part of it for him," Mac Murray said.