More than 3,700 people have applied to be the first in Washington state to legally sell Marijuana. That application process is now closed and it's up to the state to hand out licenses.

The number of applications has jumped dramatically from the numbers we saw at the beginning of the application process last month, and depending on how many are approved, Spokane and Spokane Valley will have to hold a lottery to see who will receive one.

A total of 867 applications for 334 stores were filed by last Friday's deadline. Thirty-eight people have filed for the eight spots available in Spokane, and 17 people for the three spots in Spokane Valley. The state Liquor Control Board will now investigate each application to see which ones qualify.

The state has not put a limit on how many licenses will be issued for growing, saying they will allow as many as are necessary to meet demand.

Licenses could be issued as early as the end of February.