SPOKANE, Wash. -

As the threat of more Level 3 evacuations remain possible an important part of preparing to evacuate your home is finding a safe place for your animals.

Over the past 72 hours at the Spokane County Interstate Fairgrounds, SCRAPS, along with HEART, an organization trained to take care of animals during disasters, have been providing around the clock care for animals that have been evacuated from their homes.

Many of the animals at the fairgrounds were displaced by the Yale Road Fire near Spangle.

When disaster strikes it's important to not only have a plan in place for your belongings and your family but to have a plan for your pets and livestock. Both SCRAPS and HEART, made up primarily of volunteers, are happy to take care of your pets as one less thing for you to worry about.

“We need lots of publicity to tell people that we are here we are trained to take care of their animals. They get the love and attention all day than they probably get at home because we know if our animals were out here we would want our animals taken care of as well," Donna Breidenbach said.

Pet owners can visit the animals as often as possible but the shelter is not open for the general public to visit. However if you want to help the animals you can make a monetary donation through SCRAPS.

The animal shelter will remain open around the clock as long as there are Level 3 evacuations in place on local fires.